About The Artist:

Soon after dropping out of school. F!$H embarked on a journey to evolve and become the greatest in rapper in the world. Going to various cypher competitions, open mic’s, and festivals. Many studio session networking with various people on the same path and lonely nights in the lab he honed his craft. Learning what kind of F!$H he wanted to be.. which isn’t even a F!$H at all.. but a Dragon or Even Greater.. but of course you have to learn how to swim before you can surf.. and this F!$H has a lot of learning to do.

Every journey has obstacles and this story is no different. Along the seas of life many enemies have come along to swallow him whole. Sharks and devils of all kinds come seeking easy prey to devour and the waters of life can become cold and dark depression can be suffocating and toxic.. For F!$H this meant a period of time where music took a break to self discovery…where even the meaning of life itself was brought into question.. is this all worth it?

Finding resolve is a battle we all must fight. Deciding how bad you really want your dreams to come true. What are you willing to sacrifice? For F!$H the choice was to decide to live a normal “comfortable" life or you can achieve greater for yourself and your family.. and the cost of a greater life.. was the sacrifice of time…energy… lots of stress.. loss of friends.. moving away from family into a new city and being homeless for a time being, living on the bare minimum to  see it all come together. He decided that whatever the hardship.. whatever trouble came he would rise up to the challenge and overcome. 

So here we are.. The Beginning of The Journey. Lil F!$H has barley begun swimming and is indeed still finding himself, dodging troubled waters and
experiencing so many new things. but on his conquest for treasure fame and glory, he also sets out to make a name for himself to be the best there ever was…a legend.

If he can stay out of trouble at least.