Request a Refund

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, or if you'd like to cancel, you must notify us within either:

  • 7-Days of receiving your item(s)
  • 12-Hours of placing your order

In order to cancel your purchase or receive a refund you MUST contact us within these time-frames. In the event that you would like a refund for an order you have received, we do require proof of purchase

*We do NOT offer refunds on Digital Goods

If you'd like to request a cancellation of your order or a refund, please contact us by clicking here


If you are hoping to return your item, please note that we do not accept returns since we create, print, and pack each item specifically for your order. However, if you have receive an item damaged by something of our fault (holes in the products, bad print quality, etc) we are more than happy to send another of the same type to you to replace it. We do require proof of purchase and evidence of the product being faulty. 

If you have received a bad-quality product, please contact us by clicking here and we will make it right.